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Rainy season is around the corner

With the weather cooling off may homeowners realize that the rain is around the corner again. If you had a leak last rain storm and have procrastinated and have not come around to getting the roof repaired or replaced this is the time!!!

Many roofers are busy with the last minute procrastinators, now.   Ha Ha, you know who you are! We all do it.

Especially when we have such great weather and little rain out here in The San Fernando Valley, Pasadena, Glendale , North Hills,  Burbank and Los Angeles areas in our mini winter season. But it is important to catch and stop those leaks fast as they can cause mold and mildew to grow inside of the attic space without even knowing it.

So with that being said, Remember to call a roofing Professional to help assess your roofing problem. Final Touch Roofers are here to help when you have a Leaky roof. Call (818) 487-7071

Tarp Cover-Up for Roofs

The record high rain fall in February 2014 caused many roofs to heavily leak.

Homeowners called roofing companies to to come out during the heavy rains to tarp cover-up their roof.

A tarp comes in many colors and sizes. Its main job when it is used on a roof is to cover an area that the leak is coming in from.

Who can tarp a roof?  Depending on the roof type and slope  a homeowner may feel comfortable going up to the roof to find the leak and attempt to tarp it. Some might even call a handyman for help. If you call a professional, Roofing contractor, you will have piece of mind that they are experienced in covering many  roof types. The roofers know how to position the tarp to cover the exposed area and divert the water to slope off. In the case of  low slope/ flat roof a tarp may harder to put in place depending on where the leak is coming from but in most cased a professional will know what to do.

If you are unsure  and need help call a us at Final Touch Roofing (818) 487-7071

When you have your roof trapped cover up with us, we will we offer a portion of the cover-up fee credited toward the repair.  Call for more details.

Leaky Roofs

It seems that most of us are recovering from the busy shopping season of the year.

The last few weeks Los Angeles experienced some light rainy days and many homeowners quickly noticed that they had a leak coming from their roof.

Final Touch Roofing was busy answering the many nervous and worried homeowners who were calling with questions such as what should I do, or when should I get this  leak looked at or fixed.

We understand how upsetting it may be to realize that you have a leaky roof right before the holidays. No one wants to spend money replacing or repairing a roof, and especially not before Christmas or Hanukkah.

So while there were many tile roofs needed to have the underlayment replaced to stop the leaks. The composition shingles needed areas repaired to stop the leaky roof. The Low slope roof also called flat roofs that couldn’t hold any more water and finally gave in got repaired with hot mop/ touch down roofing application to solve the leak. There is a process on how to repair  the different types of roofs and we follow all manufacture specifications.

It is important to check your ceilings during and after all rains as a roof, even a newer one can have a leak.  A leak can happen when you least expect it.  But if you find the leak early, it will prevent a bigger problem from occurring. Because with leaks can come mold and other expenses such as needing to replace wood or drywall.

If you live within the San Fernando Valley area including Burbank, Glendale, Mulholland area, Sherman oaks, Van Nuys, Panorama City, North Hollywood, Valley Village, Valley Glen, Tarzana, Reseda, Woodland Hills and surrouning areas, give us a call first and we will do our best to set you up an appointment for a FREE on the roof estimate as soon as possible.

Final Touch Roofing is here to help with all your roof needs. Call (818) 487-7071

Leaky Roof Solutions

A few weeks ago when the first light rains hit the Los Angeles / San Fernando Valley areas; many homeowners in the Sherman Oaks, Sherman Village and surrounding valley areas realized that they had a leak coming from their roof. Some leaks occur as the roof system begins to fail due to age or a lack of roof maintenance. Sometimes it can be something as small as a loose tile, thus causing water to seep into the underlayment, which ultimately leads to a leak.

Different types of roofs:

With a composition shingles roof a leak could occur because shingles have shifted or fallen off. With flat roof systems the material ages causing it to crack and leak. Occasionally, due to the movement and the framing of the roof, water will accumulate and puddle in one area instead of diverting down and off the roof.

We at Final Touch Roofing are located in Valley Village area and are able to make a quick response to help the homeowners in the surrounding areas, (e.g. North Hollywood, Studio City, Valley Glen, Burbank City, Glendale, Reseda, Tarzana and Mission Hills., North Hills, Woodland Hills, Toluca Lake, Pasadena, Altadena, La Cresenta, La Canada) with any roof leaks or re-roofing. And if you realize that you have a leak when the next rains fall, call us first for a possible roof cover-up also known as to tarp the roof to keep the water from intruding in.

If you have a leak and your roof needs to be covered to prevent water damage to the attic and drywall, we can come out and tarp it. There is a charge for that but we put half of what you paid towards that repair if your repair is done with us at Final Touch Roofing.

Clay Tile Underlayment Re- Roofing

This past week we finished a project in Glendale, California. The roof was clay tiles approximately 25 years old. It had a few leaks in different locations. That is the reason that the homeowner called on our roofing service.

To start we  did a complete roof tear off which consisted of removing the old clay tile, and putting them aside for later installation. Most of the clay tiles were in good condition so they could be reused. The clay tiles that were damaged and broken were replaced with new clay tiles that resembled the old ones. We then removed the old underlayment and replaced some termite damaged and rotten or bad wood. After the replacement of the wood we called for sheathing and roof nailing inspection from the city. Once  the inspector comes out to inspect we are able to continue to install the underlayment. This type of roof  called for double underlayment. Te double underlayment is tougher and more reliable than just using one layer of underlayment. Which can be used but it is better and more reliable to use the thicker one that is doubled. It consisted of double TU-35 felt paper. Then the Final Touch Roofing team re-installed the clay tiles, but also replaced many broken tiles. The newly replaced tiles were replaced with tiles that look very close to the original clay tiles that were previously on the roof top.  The only difference is that the color was much brighter and newer looking because the older clay tiles were weathered .

The owner wanted to maintain the character  of the neighborhood and the unique look of  his house, so he chose to install the older clay tiles in the front and disperse the new clay tiles in the back of the house which was not visible from the street.

The great thing about tile roofs is that if the tiles are in good condition you can reuse them saving the home owner allot of money in material. Call Final Touch Roofing for more info and see if your clay or tiles can be reused.

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